Tuesday, August 1, 2017


As I'm sure those of you who follow my blog can see, consistency is not one of my strong points. In my defense, I'm new at this, and it began in the middle of great upheaval. Life is finally mellowing out to my expectations. Insurance in order, check. Deductions coming out as desired, check. Pain, anger and grief dissipated, check. I'm no longer the me I was for the last 18 years...I'm better.

Life throws us so many curves. The one thing that is constant is aging. We're told when we are young to start preparing for retirement now. Unfortunately, I didn't listen. My greatest struggle when my husband died, apart from dealing with the loss, was keeping my house. I have done that, with the help of my son, for nearly 20 years. For that I am very thankful.

About three years ago, I started laying out a seven year plan for retirement. Late, yes. Possible, also yes. At age 66, I would receive Social Security full time. I would have my 401K and company stock. I would continue to work until 70, socking away my income, and then retire. I have a bucket list. I began picking and choosing those things I wanted to spend my time doing when I hit the magic number. Gardening, writing, and learning to paint with watercolors.

At three years in, I was caught up in the Great Displacement. Most of you know what I'm talking about. Suddenly my seven year plan was gone.

But I find that is not such a bad thing. I'm typically a very crafty person. Once I had finances and insurance in order, I started dabbling with the items I had on my bucket list, dumping some of them out, rearranging others into the tentative bucket. I so thank my baby sister for her encouragement and kick me in the ass attitude.

I signed up for a painting class. I'd tried one picture without any real guidance before I started the class and it was eh. I didn't hang it on the wall. Then I went to a couple  of classes. The first painting is confusing, even to  me. I know what it's supposed to be, but not necessarily what it is.

The second was done around the fourth of July.

I rather like it. It was harder than i thought it would be, but I learned a lot of technique. I haven't been back to another class, but I'll go again. In a way, this certified my new independence. 

Guys have Man Caves, gals have She sheds. Well, I won't get a She Shed, but I'm creating my personal space where I can got to write, paint, read or journal without interruption. I purchased a new laptop specifically to work in this space. The table is put together, today it will be in place with the chairs under it. 

One of the things  my sister got me started on was journaling. Have never done much before, never had a diary that I can remember. But this is a step in getting more organized. I will never be as meticulous as she is, but I want to have a plan for most of each day. My goal is for Monday mornings to be blogging. Basically I've rambled on about everything but consistency. My plan is for this to be the beginning of consistency in my life, other than computer games with my coffee in the morning after dishes, and curling up in the recliner with Charlie in the afternoons until time to fix supper. 

He's our spoiled baby. But he loves his momma time in the afternoon...until Papa gets home then he only wants to be around me if I have food. But that's okay. He knows he's loved. 

Don't know he's going to feel about momma's personal space. It's down three steps and since he went blind in one eye, he won't go down by himself. So, I'll make sure one of the additions is a nice thick bed for him to lay in, a water bowl, a food dish and a couple of toys. 

Wish me luck on the consistency journey. It is going to be an up hill battle. 😅😅😅


  1. You sound a lot like me... Displaced... Retirement plans moved up... Blind shitzu... Loved writi g... Happy for you so go for it and enjoy.

  2. LOL Glad your baby sister could give you a nudge. Trust me, you'll know when I kick you in the ass :-D
    Love and squishies

  3. Your shih tzu looks a twin for our late Webster. They are such sweet dogs, aren't they?