Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What's Important to You?

Good morning,

While we should be at peak Summer, here in SW Missouri the temps are struggling to reach the 80's during the day and hover in the high 50's to low 60's at night. This is perfect weather for me. My plants seem to be enjoying it as well.

A few years ago, a friend who owns a nursery in New York sent me some starts of this. We planted them in earth pots and they come inside every winter, and go back out in the spring. They love the cooler weather.

I've also got to work a bit more in my garden. This is my third year doing a straw bale garden and right now it's a jungle. Up until the cool weather came, it was too hot for me to get out there. And, hot enough that some of the blooms did not set fruit. Tomorrow morning my list includes going out to try and train up the melon vines and check for anything harvestable. Can't find my  pics from last years garden so next week I'll include a pic of the current jungle with an update on production.

Gardening, painting and writing were my three go to's when I went into retirement. for the next few weeks, the focus is really on writing. I have until the end of this month to submit entries to a contest our annual October writer's conference in Eureka Springs. It's taken quite some time to get my head into a writing frame of mine. These two blogs have helped a lot. To those of you that read my ramblings thank you.

My MeSpace is coming along. My son cut the top for the table but it still requires a bit of work. He has my shop vac right now so I can't vacuum downstairs until later. But, then again, later may be naptime.

Even though employment may be a requirement in your life, don't forget to set aside time for you, to do what you like to do. Feed your soul, your dreams, your fantasies. Don't lose who you are to the job rut, or family routine. You will be better for it and so with those in your circle, whether they be friends or family.

Take care,

And the best to all of you from a Irish crazy lady.

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  1. Must nurture the soul. Good luck with the contest entries. Hugs Sis