Thursday, April 11, 2019

Did I Mention Art...and Things?

It's funny how you see something creative and think, "Hell I can do that. It's easy."

Famous last words. Sometimes, not only is it not as easy as it appears, expenses can mount up without warning. And once you are addicted to that creative path, you keep wanting to try something new, and that is a dark rabbit hole you don't want to fall into.

About a month ago, I discovered acrylic pour painting. Omg, it so fun to get messy and still create pretty things.

Pour painting is pretty much just that. You pour paint onto a canvas. But you can't necessarly stop there. First, you have to have the right ingredients. Kinda like a cake, if you don't follow the recipe, your cake either won't turn out, or won't taste quite like it should, if the texture allows you to eat it. For pour painting, you need to add a flow medium to help the paint move across the canvas, and maybe a bit of distilled water (if you have hard water,) and the magic ingredient that makes the cells appear in your painting...liquid silicone. I use silicone oil I got at Lowe's but there are other silicones out there that will work. Some artists have even used RainX.

I'm not going to sit here and try to explain anything beyond what I already have. Below I've posted a good video from YouTube for beginners, but remember, not everything is written in stone. Note the individual in the video suggested yogurt cups cause they are wide. You can use squat plastic cups and some people use a baking rack, or you might have another idea. Basically it's to keep your canvas from sitting in the paint that runs off the side of your canvas.

Paints, I use the Apple Barrel from Walmart, but keep in mind, sometimes the white will crack as it dries if it's too thick. There are lots of paints to choose from, but make sure it's acrylic. I mentioned using a flow medium to help the paint move, and she uses watered down Elmers glue. I haven't tried that but I have heard not to use the school glue, use the Elmers All Purpose. Or go to Lowe's or any home improvement or paint center and get Floetrol. I'm picking up a gallon of it today or tomorrow.

Here's the video and if you have questions, you can email me, or find me on FB at Dona Fitzgerald Fellows or you can ask your questions in comments. There are also several FB groups for pour painting.

I am enjoying this so much. I'm balancing the painting with the junk journals I showed you in the last post. Since I showed you a journal, it's only fair I show you some of my art work. Please keep in mind I've just started.

The first one is a 12" by 14" stretched canvas.  The smaller one is a 4" ceramic tile. I don't have one of my pictures because it was one of my first pours and I wasn't that happy with it, but it was done on heavy duty watercolor paper and I am encorporating it into one of my journals. I think it's gonna be the cover. 

And of course, gardening season is upon us. My son went out last night and mowed everything and today he's trimming. After this spate of bad weather we have coming in, Steve and I will go set out the straw bales for this years garden. I also have some containers I'm going to plant, a couple of them with milkweed for the Monarchs. I hope they like them.

Ta Ta from the IrishCrazyLady

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