Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Lucky Day

First let me ask everyone to continue praying for the folks in Texas and Louisiana who are dealing with history making flooding.

I do not consider myself unfortunate. As I watch the news coverage of the horrors taking place in south Texas, I consider myself beyond fortunate. In hindsight, the day I was displaced was my lucky day. Though I know I didn't think so at the time. I do know as soon as I was out the door and headed to my car, my thoughts were running a marathon. To know severance was involved helped tremdously to calm my anxiety. 

While jumping through the hoops, there was stress, but nothing like I left on the other side of the doors as I left. I am so much calmer, I'm sleeping better, and while I may not be doing a lot day to day, I'm enjoying myself. I didn't have time to do that before. Always trying to stay a step ahead and wondering if I'd messed something up I didn't know about. Was I paranoid? To a degree, yes. I had a lot to lose if I got fired. But being displaced, while numbing, it was definately the better of the two storms. I'd almost describe this as the perfect storm. 

To all of you who exited by the same door, under the same cloud, you too are lucky. You've been given the opportunity to spend more time with family, move to new locations, pin down better positions with  more caring companies (for the most part.) Revel in the new experiences and the new you. Oh yes, the new you. The one who can think more clearly and more confidently make decisions affecting your life. We are the lucky ones. Our new journey has just begun and I for one plan on enjoying every minute of it. 

Now I'm Living the Dream!


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