Sunday, May 14, 2017

In the beginning....there was a 7 Year Plan...

In the beginning....there was a 7 Year Plan....

I suppose one new journey deserves a second one. This is basically my first attempt at blogging and I'm sure I'll hafta rely on my sister, the Master Blogger, several times.

Three years ago, I had a 7 Year Plan to retirement. In four years I'd have been able to collect SS every month, use that to pay off the bills, and by the 5th year, my paycheck would take care of the household bills on my plate, and I could stock away the rest for retirement and maybe an occasional trip. We don't do long trips, we really only do long weekends, but I could stretch a long weekend depending on where we wanted to go.

Three and a half years in, my employer short-sheeted my 7 Year Plan. Summarily displaced from an 18 year position, my 7 Year Plan went up in flames.

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  1. I have always enjoyed your writing and look forward to your unique perspective.